Iron Tracker is a hemochromatosis treatment and iron overload management app

Iron Tracker provides graphical tools to deepen understanding of hemochromatosis treatment. This genetic disorder is characterized by over absorption of dietary iron, leading to dangerously high iron levels. If left untreated this can cause many systemic problems, from fatigue, pain and generally poor wellness to severe damage and disease of the liver, heart and other organ systems. Treatment is performed through regular therapeutic phlebotomies, the drawing of a patient’s blood, and is monitored through blood samples tracking hemoglobin and ferritin, an iron-bearing protein found throughout the body.

The Iron Tracker App gives patients a single place where treatment and life-long progress can be tracked, combining appointment management with tracking and visualization of bodily hemoglobin and ferritin values, providing a clear visualization of this data to better understand and share progress with friends, family and physicians. The app also tracks phlebotomy appointments and details, helping patients manage their lifestyle and wellness.

This application has been developed by faculty and students at two Canadian Universities led by Dr. G. Grewal of the University of Guelph, and Dr. A. Hamilton-Wright of Mount Allison University.

Many, many thanks to the various students who have worked on this project: Andrew D'Angelo, Jiexin Frank Liu, John Carter, Sarah van der Laan and Thomas Alexander.

For more information on the disease, please visit:

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Visualize Iron Levels

screenshot of graph visualization tool

Using a simple graph, you can see how treatment is affecting iron levels and improving health.

Manage Appointments

screenshot of appointment tool

Keep reminders indicating when your next appointment will occur.

Track Phlebotomies

screenshot of arm-tracking tool

Keep track of which arm is used in the last phlebotomy, assisting in the treatment process.

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